GOODWE NS SS DNS DS DT SDT LVDT MT HF BP ES EM SBP series inverters come standard with a manufacturer’s warranty of 66 months (5.5 years) from the date of production from JIANGSU GOODWE POWER SUPPLY TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as GOODWE).

The accessory products including Antenna, WIFI Kit, EzConverter, EzMeter and EzLogger, EzLogger Pro come standard with a manufacturer’s warranty of 30 months (2.5 years) from the date of manufacture from GOODWE.

For inverters (GOODWE NS SS DNS DS DT SDT LVDT MT HF BP ES EM SBP series) the warranty can be extended within 24months (2 years) since the date of manufacture. Please obtain the warranty extension price list form GOODWE Sales for further information.

 You will need to provide us with the following information or documentation regarding defective inverter to help us to proceed your claim under warranty terms of GOODWE:

*   Product Model No. and serial number

*   Error message on LCD screen (if available) and additional information regarding the fault/error.

*  Detailed information regarding the entire system (modules, circuits, etc.)

*   Detailed information of previous claims (if applicable).

While an inverter fails under GOODWE standard warranty period, it will be

A. returned to GOODWE and repaired;

B. Onsite repaired;

C. Replaced with a refurbished inverter that includes the latest firmware (if original model has been stopped in production, GOODWE will provide an equivalent value replacement).

If the inverter is replaced within the warranty period, the remaining warranty period will be automatically transferred to the replacement unit. In this event, you will not receive a new certificate, as this replacement will be registered by GOODWE. In any event, we provide a full one-year warranty on all replacement devices regardless of whether the original warranty is still valid.

Purchase invoices should be properly kept for further warranty claim. For return transportation of inverters or components, it must be packed in their original or equivalent packaging. GOODWE keeps the right to arrange the warranty service by using third parties for performing warranty works.

GOODWE standard warranty includes the cost to GOODWE for work and material to regain inverter functioning. All other cost that includes transportation, travelling and accommodation cost of GOODWE personnel as well as costs of your own staff is not covered in the standard warranty. Furthermore, claims for compensation for direct or indirect damages arising from the defective inverter are not covered by standard warranty.

*   Product warranty period is expired (excluding additional agreements of warranty extension).

*   Faults or damages due to operations against GOODWE instructions, installation and maintenance requirement. Such as mounting distance, air, waterproof plug.

*   Disassembly, repair or modification by non GoodWe authorized person.、

*   Faults or damages due to unpredictability factors, man-made factors, or force majeure. Such as stormy weather, flood, lightning, overvoltage, pests and fire etc.

*   Product modified, design changed or parts replaced not approved by GOODWE.

*   Vandalism, engraving, labels, irreversible marking or contamination or theft.

*   Normal wear and tear.

*   Failure to comply with the safety regulations (VDE standards, etc.).

*   Faults or damages caused by other reasons not related to product quality problem.

*   The defect is caused during transportation.

The rust appeared on inverter’s enclosure caused by hash environment. 

*   On-site attendance fee: Cost of travel and time for the technician in attending on-site.

*   Parts: Cost of replacement parts (including any shipping/admin fee that may apply).

*   Labor: Labor time fee charged for the technician, who is repairing, maintaining, installing (hardware or software) and debugging the faulty product.

*   Logistic fee: Cost of delivery and other derived expense when defective products are sent from user to GOODWE or/and repaired products are sent from GOODWE to user.

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