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GoodWe Showcase at the Renewable Energy India Expo 2018
2018-10-10 11:34:11

GoodWe has recently attended Renewable Energy India Expo 2018 from the 18th to the 20th of September. The long-established event, already in its twelfth year, showcased some of the hottest brands in solar technology, with GoodWe being one of them.


Thanks to the technology development in these years, solar energy is well accepted and applied globally with cost reduction of whole system, especially falling price of PV modules. As one of the major PV markets, Indian market installed close to 9.5 GW solar projects in last year. Along with the idea of energy-saving and emission-reduction becoming popular in India, 2 GW solar capacity is expected in this year in its commercial and industrial markets, making it a platinum solar market for GoodWe.


The event had some of GoodWe’s most popular models make an appearance, including one from our bestselling MT series, which awarded with a number of MW solar rooftops from TATA Power, Sterling & Wilson and other big EPCs. GoodWe MT Series is able to provide a continuous maximum AC output power overload of 15% thanks to its boost function, which offers customers a faster return on investment. It also features a more compact design with less than 20% volume and lighter weight compared to other conventional models, which greatly simplifies installation and commissioning, saving time and costs. It supports 95mm2 aluminum cables instead of 75mm2 copper cables, which saves investment for AC cables. With capacities of 50, 60 and 70 kW, the new transformerless, three-phase GoodWe MT series grid-tied inverters are equipped with four MPP Trackers ensuring that the outputs of connected modules are able to generate the highest yields even in different PV installation conditions, 5% output up compared with the string inverters with one MPP tracker on the market. Moreover, the start voltage is 200V, much lower than 600V of other products, which makes our inverter start up earlier to generate more power with longer working time. Even on the rainy days, the inverter can still work normally because of the low start voltage.


GoodWe also presented its new SMT series covering 25, 30 and 36kW, which includes up to three MPP trackers routes for intensity environment, a wide input voltage range to ensure design flexibility and perfect match with bifacial PV panels. Besides offering a comprehensive portfolio of string inverters and solutions for residential, commercial and utility scale PV systems, GoodWe is committed to research and manufacturing of energy storage solutions and smart energy management system. During the show, GoodWe energy storage solutions were the most eye-catching showcase.