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GoodWe’s First Mark at Mexico Green Expo
2018-09-05 14:58:20

After successfully exhibiting in Brazil, GoodWe continued its business trip to the 26th edition of the influential Green Expo in Mexico, which was held on 4th and 6th of September of 2018, in Mexico City. With strong support from the government, Mexico, the 2nd largest economy in Latin America, is one of GoodWe's key markets with a great potential for expansion.


Responding to the demand of its local customers, for this edition of the Green Expo, GoodWe has presented an interesting mix of some of its most successful and classical products, which include inverters of the series NS & DNS of the new generation that recently were presented with great success in Brazil’s Intersolar Exhibition. What is distinctive about these lines of products is that are suitable for residential use, are easy to install and come with an outstanding hardware and software. Inverters of high voltage for ground-mounted PV systems were also showcased, the GW70KHV-MT of the MT series, which also attracted a very positive feedback from visitors. The inverter can reach Max Efficiency as high as 99.0%.


GoodWe has also exhibited an inverter of the LVDT series, which was designed specifically for low voltage countries, such as Mexico, where, no surprisingly, the local consumers have shown a strong interest. This kind of inverter can be used in different grid voltage ranges, mostly covering 208V, 220V and 240V, with the additional advantage that it allows for a simplified system configuration, avoiding in this way the installation of a transformer, which can affect the system’s conversion efficiency. This product was one of the stars of GoodWe’s participation in the Mexico’s Green Expo.

Apart from the grid-tied string inverters, the brand-new ET Series three-phase high voltage energy storage inverter for both households and commercial applications brought significant attentions. The series is the most compact and lightweight inverter in the market with maximum efficiency of 98.3%, equipped with Uninterruptible Power Supply function (UPS), backup overloading, AC charging functions and open-protocol EMS communication system which targets places where always suffer from grid outages and unstable power supply.

Energy storage technology is a game changer for energy market, offering the prospects of greatly increased flexibility, reliability and efficiency in the delivery of power to consumers. With the development of relevant technologies and the price declining of batteries, energy storage will complement the accelerated deployment of renewable energy in its various forms.

Although this is the first time that the company attended this industry gathering, it's been a very successful event. Meanwhile the company has incorporated a local team of experts who will be dedicated to provide technical support to our Mexican customers.